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P3planning is a nimble environmental compliance firm with a proven track record of helping industry, agencies, and communities recognize and develop their common goals. Our business appreciates that a strategic and streamlined philosophy best serves our clients’ needs. These values contribute to successful project outcomes and great long-term relationships. It also allows us to create highly customized project teams that partner the best practitioners with the unique challenges of a given undertaking. We choose to be small. We choose to be accessible. We choose value over profit. We choose relationships over short-term gains.

P3planning is adept at negotiating some of the more challenging issues facing industry today. We have led controversial and technically complex NEPA and Section 106 processes for large, multi-state projects with many competing interests, challenging resources issues, and vocal opposition. P3 has helped draft multi-agency programmatic agreements and memoranda of agreements/understandings and worked with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to create award-winning alternative mitigation strategies for adverse effects to significant cultural resources. We have also managed sensitive tribal consultation issues (including working with over 20 tribes across the Western US), and maintain excellent working relationships with agencies such as the BLM, USFS, BIA, and SHPOs in New Mexico and Colorado. From transportation-related inventories to the development of solar arrays and transmission lines, P3 is a knowledgeable and responsible project partner. Regardless of a given project’s complexity, we are committed to completing our obligations in a timely, thoughtful, and cost-effective manner.